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inuyasha is the lord and savior furry god amen


this will always be funny

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white people willingly refrain from throwing around ‘voldemort’ but start a earthquake when they’re told ‘n-gga’ isn’t for them

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i spent four hours reading ace attorney fanfics because thats the only thing i felt like doin

over bearing atheists piss me off because they just love spitting on something just to rile people up and that something has a tendency to be something people literally die for

like if youre in a position where you can provide help other than praying or wishing well then hell yeah get up and do it but not everyone can so dont say their prayers are worthless or god is dead or whatever

i get frustrated when people say dont just say ull pray for someone when something bad happens DO something
because hey fun fact not everyone has the resources ability to help
dont shit on people who mean well and are doing all they can because literally sometimes all someone can do in trying times is pray/send well wishes because theres nothing that can be done

i miss eating solid food


Leetle tiny unicorn mixed media practice! All of these are 2x3 inches. c:

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do u ever look at someone’s characterization of one of ur faves and just sit there offended on behalf of the character